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This was a beautiful story... Thank you guise

That was pretty douchey of me. Here's one on etsy for about 30 bucks including international shipping. https://www.etsy.com/listing/163481848/purple-gypsy-sequin-skirt-by-laurel-one?ref=sr_gallery_68&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=purple+Peasant+Skirt+&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all They are called peasant skirts if you want to look for yourself. I finally convinced my wife to buy one, looks great on her.

Actually one of my partners wears skirts like this all the time, and he's a dude! They are amazing and comfy around the house.

There's this new thing called the internet where you can buy nearly anything and have it shipped nearly anywhere. You should look into it, bro.

There's this thing called living in South America and not wanting to spend 70$ in shipping. You should look into not being a douche, bro.

Men don't have back dimples

I just love back dimples.

Please don't take my man card but you have the coolest skirt. Sadly, those aren't sold where I live so my wife shall go unadorned.

I seen this post couple of times, still hard to believe it's OP. Damn women.

Twist: It's a man.


Thank you for finding this for me. I do appreciate it!

I am 5'6" actually. I just look tall.

Are you 6' 3"?

If you see few pictures here, try this link